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What is the best deposit method?

Online casinos have become flexible with banking options. They offer loads of methods for depositing. This is neat as it opens the door to potential customers who have a preferred method of depositing and withdrawing. But what is the best method of all? In this post I will try to answer with two of my favourites.


When I first started out gambling PayPal was not possible. They have become mainstream for casinos now though and with good reason.

PayPal transactions are super quick meaning you can deposit or withdraw from an online casino Malaysia in moments. PayPal are also one of the most trustworthy and reputable of merchants. Their support is efficient and timely too.

As with any merchant they have fees but they are very reasonable. The great thing about PayPal is the flexibility. You can use PayPal for most online purchases. This means you could convert winnings to tangible goods in minutes. PayPal has to be one of the best deposit methods for gambling online.

Credit Card

Say what you want about credit cards but they remain one of the best methods of getting money to and from online casinos. Almost all platforms accept credit cards with Visa and MasterCard undoubtedly the front runners.

The cool thing about using credit cards is paying for fees through winnings. By cashing out from casino, you are increasing your value and reducing levels owed to credit card companies.

You can also take advantage of attractive schemes like no interest to pay for 12 months. All you need to do is move it to a new account and there are no interest fees!


These two methods are my favourite ways to deposit online. They are both very fast and seamless which is why I consider them the best. They are also the most reliable way of getting money to online casinos. If you are new to online gaming, try PayPal or credit card and you won’t have any issues.